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German Manufactured Food Truck and Street Food Vehicles

More than just Food Trucks

Working with some of the top manufacturers of Food Trucks, Air Stream Trailers and Street Food Carts in Germany, we can deliver almost any type of Mobile Food & Beverage Unit possible. All at a resonable price and built to top level EU code guidelines.

After more than 2 decades building, constructing and developing Street Food Carts, Food Trucks and Trailers in North America, I bring that experience to Europe and the UAE. In addittion my earlier career as a cook and working in the Street Food business itself gives me a different perspective to the business itself.

Research Your Business Plan

Food Truck Catering Kitchen

Knowledge is Power, it means Success

Being informed is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We would like everyone to be informed and if you need questions answered we will answer some basic ones or tell you where to look to find that information.

We are in the business of building and selling Food Trucks. If you need a consultant we can provide you with that information but you will need to put a standard 10% retainer on the estimated cost of the project which converts to a deposit if you decide to purchase that Unit.

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